Sunday, October 30, 2011

InsyaAllah...I can do it better than I predict...=)

huhuhu...Salam. Long time no see you all and update my lazy to do so...hahaha..
btw, I got an invitation to come for PAC in INTIM Kemaman this Tuesday...hahaha. It means I need to "ponteng kerja" or skip work for 2 days..It's okay kot because this is a government matter, not my personal matter. Whatever the thing it is, I hope I can do well. for 2.4KM for 15 minutes....hahahaa...ahhhh, u can do it la Aris Farisan. No worries okay. Now, I'm still "pulun" or studying about KPI, NKRA, 2012 Budget and so whatever related to the government policies. SO BORED okay...hahahah..ok, pray me for the  best yeah....muahhh...=D